About Us

Located at:  1411 Courtneypark Drive East, Mississauga, Ontario  L5T 2E3

 Phone: 905-565-8700                       Fax: 905-565-8018                       Toll Free: 1-888-798-7533


Hours of Business:  Monday to Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
                          Saturday and Sunday : Closed



Try Hard Industrial Supply Company Ltd. commenced operations in the spring of 1979.  The name was chosen by the company’s founder and president, Frank Ferko at its origin which represents the beginning underlying philosophy that has brought the firm to prominence within a very competitive marketplace. 

Frank wanted to differentiate his distributorship in the industrial mill supply industry by ensuring that his customers know that everyone on staff truly does ‘try hard’ to meet their needs.  This take-the-initiative approach demonstrates a strong commitment in developing new capabilities within the organization to establish ultimate customer service.

His fundamental principles are as vital and relevant today as in the beginning - assemble a strong, knowledgeable sales group, build a company team committed to working together and maintain an inventory unmatched in the industry.

The success story of this dynamic firm took root from humble beginnings - with two people in a 1,800 square foot warehouse and the desire to succeed.  By combining sound business practices and trying hard, Try Hard Industrial Supply has grown significantly over the past four decades.  Operations are now housed in a 26,500 square foot modern facility, with an extensive inventory of quality products essential to the manufacturing industry.

Today, Try Hard has three genenerations working together who all share in the same vision as Frank. Customers, suppliers and staff alike have endorsed the competent and aggressive leadership style of the next generation business professionals.