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Daily Inspiration



  December 11, 2019



  “I visited the accident scene a day later to find little evidence of it occurrence.  There was still some left over vehicle debris on the mediums separating north and southbound traffic.  I could see some oil absorbent left on the road where it was spread to gather up the spilt fluids from the busted up vehicles.

   Life had moved on.  We could look at the aftermath of the Crucifixion.  The day after must have been the worse day ever.  Up till Jesus’ death hope was alive.  Many were convinced He was the Messiah coming to crush Roman rule and set the captives free.  Didn’t He even say that He came to set the captives free?  He came to set the oppressed free (Luke 4:18).

  But He died, wasn’t all hope lost?


Isn’t that how we can explain our lives.  We’re living in hope like that Friday but then things fall apart:

  • A job loss
  • A marriage falls apart
  • A death

And it feels like the day after, the aftermath…life is over, no hope, no prospects; just despair, pain and even indifference.

  How do we make it when all seems hopeless?  What do we look for or look at?


The answer still starts at the Cross.’ DF

(to be continued…)