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Daily Inspiration

January 21, 2021
“Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field!”
Genesis 3:1
  ‘I noticed that “snake” was not in the Bible but serpent instead.  I thought it odd, not sure why, but it peaked my interest to investigate further.  It seems that the original Hebrew word for “serpent” is “nachash” pronounced “naw-khash” meaning “to hiss i.e. Whisper a magic spell”
  It seemed a fitting description of the devil.  His nature is to whisper doubt into our ears, to hiss that our unfortunate circumstances must have come from an unloving God, an aloof Father who cares little for His creation.
  It seemed so clear that the devil would spin a spell to turn our focus away from the Savior on to the problem so no hope or solution would be in sight.
The evil one will put a tickle  in your throat (I went through a coughing spell trying to write this piece).  He is a deceiver, the father of lies, a murderer and a liar.
 Remain committed to the truth-Jesus Christ and the truth will not only set you free but keep you free.’ DF