Daily Inspiration

January 18, 2022

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 5:3



Blessed-“Makarios”-Blessed, possessing the characteristics of deity.

Blessed on account of Christ, blessed for the sake of the Son of man.  He is indwelt by God because of Christ and as a result is fully satisfied. A blessed person is one whom God makes fully satisfied not because of favorable circumstances but because He indwells the believer through Christ.  To be makarios blessed is equivalent to having God’s Kingdom in one’s heart.

Poor-Ptochos: poor and helpless, one who in his abjectness needs lifting.  The person may be poor but earns his bread by daily labor, but the ptochos is so poor that he can only obtain his living by begging, the ptochos has nothing at all.

Spirit-‘Pneuma”-primarily denotes the word related to breathe, blow, breath; the spirit like the word is invisible; immaterial and powerful-The Holy Spirit. The elements in man by which he perceives, reflects, feels, desires, purposes, aims.

Kingdom-“Basileia”-The Kingdom of heaven-spiritually the Kingdom of God is within the human heart-the everlasting kingdom.

Heaven-“Ouranos”-God’s dwelling and resting place.

No matter your status in life, your wealth, your rank or where you are in the pecking order, we all can experience such loss we wonder if we will ever rise again, emotionally, spiritually or both. If you are so poor or “ptochos” in the Greek, you are literally begging for your spiritual and emotional life, you are on your knees, you have no prospects and no one is going to save you.

This is a good place to be according to Jesus because this is where human effort fails and God’s divine power is able to enter and bless-makarios  you.  You have the prospect to open up to the opportunity to be fully satisfied by God, not because of favorable circumstances but because of the indwelling of God in the believer in Christ.  God’s Kingdom has free reign to set up in a believer’s heart.

This is all accomplished because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross which unleashes the power of the Holy Spirt to all who open up their hearts to believe and receive Jesus.

The Kingdom of heaven is with the human heart, it becomes God’s dwelling and resting place. 

I can think of no better home.  Open up yourself to the love of God by admitting you are poor in spirit.